Class TermKeywordExtractor

    • Constructor Detail

      • TermKeywordExtractor

        public TermKeywordExtractor()
        Instantiates a new TermSpec keyword extractor that uses a default TermSpec with lowercase words
      • TermKeywordExtractor

        public TermKeywordExtractor​(@NonNull
                                    @NonNull FeaturizingExtractor termExtractor)
        Instantiates a new TermSpec keyword extractor.
        termExtractor - the specification on how to extract terms
    • Method Detail

      • extract

        public Extraction extract​(@NonNull
                                  @NonNull HString hString)
        Description copied from interface: Extractor
        Generate an Extraction from the given HString.
        Specified by:
        extract in interface Extractor
        hString - the source text from which we will generate an Extraction
        the Extraction
      • fit

        public void fit​(DocumentCollection corpus)
        Description copied from interface: KeywordExtractor
        In certain cases a keyword extractor needs to collect corpus level statistics or construct a model of what a good keyword looks like. The fit method allows implementations to perform this logic at a corpus level.
        Specified by:
        fit in interface KeywordExtractor
        corpus - the corpus to fit the extractor to